Saturday, May 10, 2008

I have not figured this out yet...

I often watch classic movies. Recently I saw this movie called ‘Kings Go Forth’ with Frank Sinatra, Tony Curtis and Natalie Wood. It was about two American GIs falling in love with one girl. I can’t say I liked the war portion of the movie. It wasn’t done very well, but that was not the point, it was not about that, the triangle of relationships between these three people was interesting and appealing. There was a part by the end that made me think, and I have been analyzing it in my head for the last few days and coming to believe it.
There is a scene by the end of the movie that, the girl says to one of the GIs “ Every body has a load, it is not the load that is important, it is how we carry it that matters.”
I thought, what a profound thought, it is all about “how”, and that is what makes us the person that we are, the way we deal with things, issues, events and life in general.
Now, when it comes to life some people take responsibility for it. Some like to involve God with it too, taking some of the burden off their shoulders.

I have not figured this out yet. Get crushed when dealing with a heavy load or let the Big Guy carry some of the burden, and move on?