Friday, June 18, 2010

No need for love,

Cyrus seems to be very social and affectionate

Whenever he sees another child, he goes directly to him or her and gives a hug and kiss. He is not shy at all. He loves other babies.

If the other kid is a year or two older than he is, they often hug back and reciprocate or at least let Cyrus finish his hug.

However, if they are smaller they push back and get upset. That is when Cyrus gets upset too.

This make me think who soon people need to learn about healthy social behavior?! I think Soon he needs to learn ‘not everyone is receptive of hugs and kisses especially if it is unsolicited.’ He needs to control his urge for giving too much love and care or he gets hurt later on. One should deserve it and exhibit maturity for getting love and affection.

I got so many lessons to teach him hopefully, he does not turn out to be like me… Poor baby…