Friday, September 12, 2008

Got Wish?

I still remember that scene from 10 years ago… I was sitting in the center of Paseo Noevo mall in Santa Barbra next to two small water fountains, having my lunch, listening to the jazz musicians (hired by the city to play music for the tourist.)
There I saw a grandmother giving her 3 or 4 year old grand daughter some pennies to toss into the water. After the little girl excitedly throw the coins … grandma asked, “What did you wish for dear?” She said “ I wished to become a million dolor ballerina”.

And as my grandma used to say “your wishes come true, so wish for some thing good.”

Now I think if our wish is to become an artist, we need to make sure we state the salary requirement too, like the smart little girl I saw. But in the event that we forgot to put the salary on our wish, it helps to think of our wish as our ‘destination’, and not lose the sight of our journey…

Friday, September 05, 2008

A tastefully landscaped backyard

La Jolla California,
I want to call it "Reaching for the frog"

To a Dad or a Mom

Who were you to do this,
with your heart
with your soul
with your body.

You took off the darkness from my soul,
you burned yourself to keep me warm,
you were burned but you did not moan,

You kept your ashes, your soul alight to keep me warm
so I would not feel the darkness in life.