Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Madonnari, Italian Floor painting in Santa Barbara, last weekend...

Friday, May 26, 2006


It is hard for me to name this picture!
The cat was called "Pishi" but the picture has its own soul. Something akin to Serenity... I would take suggestions on the title for this picture.

The Story of this picture....

Please ignore the poor quality of this picture. It was taken with a very cheap, beaten up range finder.
Beside me, there are two of my 4th grad students (and cousins). On the left, Ali Abbasi and behind me is Ali Ramazani.

Location was a remote village called Ashkan in Bashagard south east of Iran; 200 Km north east to the city of Minab, in a dry mountainous area, 150 km away from any paved road, running water, electricity and many other things.
The horizon in the pictures depicts the typical landscape of that region in the country.
There I was teaching in an elementary school as a conscripted Solder-Teacher. (as in Farsi, Sarbaz-Moalem) I had been there for over a year and pretty much knew the entire population of village, 30-40 people. 2/3 of them where my students!

Now back to the photo; it was a weekend, we were in our hike/expedition in the mountain just above the village.
The mountain was impregnated with many different kind of fossils of Ammonites etc.
On the summit where the picture was taken (approximately 2000m of altitude) one could see the wavy sea bottom on the shapes of sand stones, and as we pealed off the layers of the sand stones it was not too hard to find amazing fossils (I gathered many of them and I have some with me to this day).

That day on top of the mountain I broke my eyeglasses! And I was very lucky that those kids were there with me to guide me back to the village.
But that was the least of my problems that day.
On the way down, we met a few other kids from the village who rushed to me and started yelling and crying! As we approached them, one kid said, “You have to come and help, father of Ali Abbasi is going to kill his brother Father of Ali Ramazani! And no man in the village can stop him…”
In disbelief, I saw one brother had a rifle pointing at the other brother, lot of cursing, yelling and red faces…
I tried to talk to him but it did not work. It was a rape accusation/ dispute; a very big deal, and almost no way out of it for Ramezani…

Finally, I stood in front of Ramazani and told the brother “Well, you have to shoot us both or give me your gun then we talk!?... After an hour of dispute he gave me his gun…
That was probably the longest hour in my life, so far.
(That is why I am so patent with everyone!)
Long story short, the two brothers hardy spoke to each other for next few months but they could not resist coming together to say goodbye six months later when I was leaving. I hope they are doing well now.

I have many stories for that time which I may share them, gradually.
For now,
Farewell to all.

PS: About Ali Ramazani; I wish I could adopt him as my child. He was a wasted talent there. He was an extremely gifted child, very well mannered and gentle. Even when I was there, I was thinking of the day that I would go back and take him with me to the big city…

A Venetian Street lamp

Quite nifty, isn't it?!

Memorial to memories

Here is my Memorial weekend photo special. And in the spirit of a long weekend for my American friends I post two photos.
Lets say: "See one, the second one is free as well"...!

Talking of memories, I have been contemplating about putting in a special picture and its relevant story in this blog. Story which I have never shared with anyone before from my past life.
After digging through the dusty closet of my past life experiences and memories I thought of a few interesting stories worthy of sharing.
I will post one this weekend, time permitting, so please stay tune.

Thursday, May 25, 2006


This is just to get you in to the vacation mood.
Rialto Venice,
yes the marble stone building is leaning....

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Thanks to my friends who were encouraging and supportive of this little fun I am having putting together an album.
And as for anonymous ones, its interesting to hear about assiduity and self confidence from an anonymous blogger! Could that make an oxymoron?!
Well this is just a fun site for me. Just to share fun things with my friends who otherwise may not get chance to see or hear from me often.
I feel sorry for those who tend to judge without knowing others profoundly and can not distinguish between modesty vs. naivety

Resilience and confidence ( positive attitude) is what make me what I am and have put me where I am today. Confidence is there, I just don’t think I have to prove it to anyone. Those who see it will appreciate it, and hopefully my presence will make a little difference in their lives. Those who don’t, I am sorry they miss out on it!
Where I have been and what I have done in my short life is unfathomable for many people, and I do not wish for others the same. I pulled it off with my softness and modesty, Not arrogance and egocentricity.

Stay tuned for some interesting stories and photos…
Cheers to all

This is for today

and those who don't have faith on me!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

snail net

So sorry folks, I may not be able to post any Photos for some times due to my snail like slow internet ... But I will not give up!:0)

Monday, May 22, 2006


We watched a very interesting and beautiful movie last weekend called, Cinema Paradiso, by Giuseppe Tornatore.

I had seen it many years back and found it quite nice and delicate.  I was suggesting it to CAT and we got it and this time DVD included a new version with undeleted cuts so we watched both of them! It was very interesting, the new version was so differed that  the ending was dramatically different giving it a “Hollywood ending”?!

As CAT commented it was as if we watched two different movies.

I still think the first released version was more interesting. It would let the story connect to real people and the ending open to viewers imagination.

This director has another great movie called “Malena” . I recommend these movies to “Cinema” lovers if have not seen them yet. They would enjoy them immensely.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Could not help myself, not putting this photo in!

I have a peculiar kinship for carousels or as French say “Manège”! Maybe because I never rode one in my childhood!

Slightly brighter!

So I was told that my photos are dark! I am posting a slightly brighter one today.
Since it has been very hard for last few days to stay positive. I wanted to think flowers today!
So here it is, I hope even for a nano second this brings a lux of light into your heart.
It was hard to decide which one should be in focus?!

"Farmers Market, Santa Barbara CA. 2004

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Just a Blur!

This was just a patch of cloud just a blur. It is great to know that sun was stronger than that...
Vienna 2004-5

Gotan Project, has a new album out give them a try . You may enjoy it . It is called "Lunatico"...

So today I did it. I may introduce these photos per my moods! Not that I am very moody person but nevertheless.

No filter, special effects or photoshop has been used. What you see is what I saw through my lens, raw nature. Ventura Sky 2005.

Enjoy but don't copy please.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Yet again!

Again and again,
I have been meaning to bring some materials for posting on this site but my stressed mind keeps forgetting. I shall pay an effort to do that tonight... Not that any one is waiting for it!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Second post ....

Thanks my dear for checking this page. :0)
I hope I will be able to post my notes and photos here as soon as our life gets in better order :0)