Monday, July 28, 2008


And the philosophy of my life,
is same as those who came late, and left early.

Friday, July 18, 2008

What a loss.

My condolences to those who knew and enjoyed Khosro Shakibaie and the legacy he left for Iranian theater and cinema.
He will be greatly missed more than words can describe…

Bikes don't have feelings...

I broke my clavicle in a bike accident few weeks ago ( I mean an accident in a true sense.)
It has been and interesting experience since this is my first time baking a bone, and to see how people perceive me with that. Most people say “what did you do?” Many think that I am a hardcore daredevil who jumped off a big rock and landed badly. Then they wonder when I tell them that ‘it was totally an accident and I had not taken any extra risk’. “I was going my jolly way from work to home very slowly and then suddenly I skid and hit the pavement”.
So far the only interesting alternative point of view I heard, was from my 6 year old niece who had told her mom. “Why Amir had to ride such a bad bike that would crash and break his arm? Why is it that he had a bad bike?!
Another interesting point of view that I learnt from a kid…. what a wonderment kids are?!
Besides, bikes do not have feelings, we can blame them for our misfortunes as much we want!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Emotional Baggage

Last week I saw an 8 year old, sitting on the back sit of a car, tired of her younger sibling singing a same song over an over again. She said to her sister, and I paraphrase ‘I love you … but the song you are singing started to make me sick, please stop it.’
I was amazed and wondered, how some kids have better communication skills than some grown ups?! Then, the other day I had a short discussion with someone about ‘what may be more important when it comes to communications. The sender of message or the receiver?’
For sure one can’t do without another, but it seems as sender play a slightly more important role.
We my not notice this but regardless of how noble or just the purpose of a message can be , if it is sent with a bad tone or a wrong demeanor recipient will not like it and will not take the message . In other words, if we forget that words have ‘emotional baggages’ we more likely hurt peoples feelings.
It was an eye opener experience, made me think about myself too.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Canada Day

A French sailing vessel in port of Quebec.
Canada Day (July 2008), approaching 400th anniversary of founding of Quebec.